HumpDay LoverDose

Tiny Tide - HumpDay LoverDose

Tiny Tide
“HumpDay LoverDose”

(3 january 2014)


Written and recorded by Mark Zonda,

w/ Simona Rovida

Feat. Eugi Angelini


01. Back To Anorak City
02. Wild In The Wildlife
03. The Singer And The Clown
04. Holy Land
05. Emanuelle VHS
06. Ballerina Flat
07. I. Valentine Zoo
08. II. Former Tenderness Addict
09. III. Flowers After The Wall
10. IV. Old House
11. Kiss Him Goodbye
12. Teenage Thing

A long time ago a friend of mine took a very catchy picture with some flowers. I was really impressed by the pick. It had some kind of pop energy and reminded me a lot of “Red Rose Speedways”, the Wings album. So I thought: wouldn’t it be great she agrees to make it happen? Luckily enough my friend Eugi is a kind person an the whole project took off, somewhere – or “somewhen” – ’round winter 2013. Same thing happened before with “A Forest EP”.

“Back To Anorak City”, “Wild In The Wildlife” and “The Singer And The Clown” were the first ones to be recorded. They are a tribute to Sarah, Anorak, Cloudberry Records and they are all performed with Simona Rovida.

“Holy Land” started with a choir I heard in a dream just like “Don’t Change Your Life” and “Easter Eggs” before. The Holy Land is a state of mind, something or someone we look forward  to see or really hard to reach, infact any knd of important achievement requiring an helping hand from outside. Just like a real time! That’s why the second part contains references to Land-Grant Holy Land and its Ohio State updates.

“Emanuelle VHS” was inspired by a friend of mine. I tried to hint at different vintage stuff and feelings dealing with the story of this girl spinnin’ around the country caught in between shows and love affairs.

“Ballerina Flat” started as a pun between the fashionable trendy shoes without heels and a real ballerina apartment. I’m really proud of the line “So Many Colours Like Calico Cats”. Don’t know why. I find it very simple and evocative at the same time.

Then the Valentine F. Meedley Starts, with the four parts  I. Valentine Zoo, II. Former Tenderness Addict, III. Flowers After The Wall, IV. Old House. just like in Red Rose Speedway, but in a more Berlinbowiesque way. The first part of the song takes place in the 80′s, with a girl playing with her dolls. The girl grows up to follow the path of Christiane F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo ’till the fall of the Berlin Wall. Last part of the meedley is set in the future, coming back to the house where she used to play. Quite a challange!

I wrote “Kìss Him Goodbye” the day a girl I really fancied told me she started dating some other guy. That’s where my invide to kiss this Mr. Someone fukity bye comes from. It’s actually the song I love the most from this album, it’s genuine, true and soulful. It could fit in a musical.

“Teenage Things” it’s a tribute to Sonic Youth. I used my friend Gennaro Spaccamonti’s Fender Telecaster to bring out some shoegaze noisy strokes.

Really hope you like this album. It’s one of my works that took a bit long to be written and grow and so it takes along very different moods and filings along with it. We can say that it’s a collection of  personal golden moments I managed to gather on the finest humpdays of 2013. It’s a true honour share them with you. Send your feedback to


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I’m In Love With Kurt (But I Really Like Giorgio Moroder)

It was really nice to work with Stefano Poletti and Valeria Caponetto Delleani. This video is a tribute to Giorgio Moroder, Lana Del Rey and Milan. To me it’s almost the memory of a perfect day. We had fun!

Tiny Tide – “I’m In Love With Kurt (But I Really Like Giorgio Moroder)”

Performed by Mark Zonda and Valeria Caponnetto Delleani
Featuring: Isac Chen

Directed by Stefano Poletti
Director Assistant: Ellis Palmi
Production Assistant: Luca Anello
Make-up Artist: Maximiliam

Find out more about the album “Meat is Moroder” on KinGem Records.

Meat Is Moroder

Tiny Tide Meat Is Moroder

Tiny Tide
“Meat Is Moroder”

(KinGem Records 30 September 2013)


Indie Pop Songs Written On Summer 2013

Written and recorded by Mark Zonda,
with Valeria Caponnetto Delleani and
Elena Sestelo from When Nalda Became Punk

Art by Claire Goldthorp – Illustrations


01. Honky Tonk Pollard
02. Smiths Night
03. Liam Doin’ Eggs
04. Newsroom Little Pill [w/ Elena Sestelo]
05. Bye Bye Pride
06. I’m In Love With Curt (But I Reall Like Giorgio Moroder) [w/ Valeria Caponnetto Delleani]
07. Sinth Disco Legend
08. Drunk Pictures In The Loo
09. Hi, Slug!
10. In Love With The Shangri-Las
11. I Met Chaplin’s Granddaughter
12. Royal Park
“Meat is Moroder” is an attempt to fix in an album musical and personal experiences of Summer 2013.

“Smiths Night” is about a Smiths theme party on the beach. “Liam Doin’ Eggs” hints ad Liam Gallagher taking part to X-Factor. “Newsroom Little Pill” was born as a ballad about Alison Pill naked-twitter incident and The Newsroom actress rumored secret affair with Elijah Wood.

“I’m In Love With Curt (But I Reall Like Giorgio Moroder)” is inspired by some Lana Del Rey‘s press quotes and it’s Mark Zonda proposal to Lana to leak new songs on internet all summer long.

“Hi, Slug!” is inspired by the fictional relationship between Dagny Taggart and Francisco D’Anconia from the novel “Atlas Shrugged”, by Ayn Rand.

The video for I’m In Love With Curt (But I Reall Like Giorgio Moroder) will be directed by Stefano Poletti and released on October 2013

= Here’s a little album preview from Radio New York International, hosted by Dave Boogieman =

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White Monster

Tiny Tide White Monster

Tiny Tide
White Monster

(KinGem Records 2013)


Inspired by David Bowie’s “Scary Monsters”, Beatles’ “White Album”, Kate Bush’s “The Dreaming”

Written and recorded by Mark Zonda

Dedicated to Victoria Maud Waterfield and Clara Oswin Oswald

Why White Monster?

“White Monster” is an album about me gettin’ old and dying. But somewhere in between you get some Doctor Who references, love songs for pop singers, my Europe wide failed romances, essai dramas and random pets in between. Recorded in two winty winter weeks in Mark Zonda’s room. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Recording Sarah
  2. Wishing on 10.000 Stars
  3. Super Surprise
  4. Present Present
  5. Final Fashion
  6. A Date
  7. Rebel Rebel Car
  8. Ikanai De Ne
  9. Sleepwalking
  10. Lucy & Schroeder
  11. Now Love
  12. Never Met
  13. Cyrano Last Song

Why these songs?

“Don’t change your life” chours appeared to me in a dream, and the rest of the song is basically me describing the dream.

“Soufflé Girl” is inspired by Doctor Who new companion. There’s a little Beatlesque (and Tory Amos) clue for the pop kids.

“Mike Tonight” is inspired by a famous dead Italian anchorman. In case some people following also my Italian project “Zondini” is wondering this song was written a year before “Buon Compleanno Mr. Mike”. The girl I fell in love with while I was writing this song heard the demo, and as I was trying to explain her what the song was all about this “Mister Mike” and “Signorina Longari” thing started to goin’ on.

“Hello, Victoria” is about a supposed daughter of mine coming to visit me in a house in Sweden in an alternative future after her attempt to run from home. Victoria was also the name of one of second Doctor Who incarnation assitants. Guess I’ll have to write a song for Romana now!

Also written in Sweden, “The Goose and The Moose” is a fairy tale about an impossible love above any form of cultural discrimination. Guess I’ll have to give Jannine Rivel the credits for the “I’ve got a tatoo” part.

I wrote “Kieslowski Eyes” in December 2011 a couple of days after I met the “Miss Longari” girl. The last part of the song is a tribute to Kieslowski decalogue.

“The Last Picture Show” also talk about gettin’ old and dying and – as you can guess – was deeply influenced by Peter Bogdanovich movie.

The album ends with “The Power Of The Cat”, a song on how hard it should be being Charlyn “Chan” Marshall boyfriend.

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Clara Oswin Oswald Soufflè Girl

Tiny Tide – “Soufflé Girl”

(available from 25/2/2013 on the next album “”White Monster”)

Yet another Trock song.  fan-made video tribute do Doctor Who “Clara Oswin Oswald”, new 2013 Doctor companion.

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